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Tuesday, August 22, 2017



 Monsoon blossoms bordering  the  lawn in our complex.

 Rainy season has blessed them with shine and smiles!

Friends,welcome here as always!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017


"The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way."          William Blake

F is for Forest Wealth:

 Dagshai, Himachal Pradesh.


A wealth unfathomable,

A jewel quintessential of massive flora,

A habitat extraordinary for flocks of fauna,

A musical audio of speckled resonances,

An awesome darkness of dreaded fears,

A mystery, a riddle undefinable,

A purifier, a savior, gratuitous of humanity,

An amalgamation of nature’s epic deeds.

A view of the forest from Kumarhatti- Nahan highway.(H.P)

 A larger view somewhere on the same highway.

 Friends,welcome here as always!

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017


'D' is  for 'Discourse':

How thrilling it would be, if we decide to communicate, what goes in our head at a particular place or time? For mind never rests. It is a reservoir of infinite potentials. It has no bounds. Sometimes it goes haywire and harms our interests too. We learn meditative practices, go to religious places and do hosts of things to tame the flighty mind.

Free time enables us to listen to our thoughts. For instance, our mind wanders uninhibited, in the shower, driving, traveling, or doing household chores. A walk in the park is the most fertile time for it to be at its busiest.

A thinking mind does become conscious of a stimulating inner monologue in time. To me it happened a long time back.  The literary technique, which defines this seamless yet disjointed passage of inner dialogue process is called, ‘The Stream of consciousness.’ Many novelists, to dig deep into the minds of their characters adopt this literary technique. William James enumerates this term in his, “The Principles of Psychology (1890).” The technique was used to great effect by Virginia Woolf in her classic novel, “Mrs. Dalloway.” James Joyce the Irish writer also used it in his voluminous novel,'Ulysses.'

I read 'Mrs. Dalloway' early on, as it was in our syllabus at Masters’ level. It both impressed and confused me. However, I found it fascinating. In those younger days, I could not decipher many ambiguities present in the narrative. It was much later when I had developed enough patience that I enjoyed the read.

Mrs. Dalloway’s mental jogging of twenty four hours makes up the plot of this novel. The time she spends in the market place to buy flowers for her evening party, presents a palette of mental images seen through her eyes.  The imagery defines her life in all its manifestations of joy, fears, jealousies longings, regrets misgivings et al. In fact, all those universal emotions, mundane life blocks from realization. Through the unfolding of her thought process, her vulnerabilities as a woman shine through. The reader empathizes with her because she is us. Her distinct persona reflects universal womanhood. We as readers experience a cathartic effect.

This second reading actually enlightened me. It made me aware of the presence of an incoherent discourse that keeps flowing in the mind. In fact, this discourse makes up our thoughts, memories, impressions, perceptions and reminiscences. We remain oblivious of this inner world until we educate ourselves. A discerning mind does notice the deluge of varied emotions present in the mind. Feelings, passions, reactions mostly exist in a silent mode. Sometimes silence erupts like a volcano if denied a vent for a long time. It is way of restoring one’s self esteem.

The waking verbal train of thoughts pours out at a lightning speed and goes back and forth. This is how our mind works when idle. It only needs some sort of trigger to rouse itself.  It is puzzling. The past and present intermingle to create a discourse, which if analyzed opens a window to one’s personality. The understandings of the inner world, place us in perspective vis- a- vis the real world.

Friends, why not jot down the flow of thoughts of a single day. It can prove to be one  of its kind experience.

Friends,welcome here as always. 

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Image courtesy Google

Here I'm  not writing about professional crooning but recounting a few observations about our daily life in a lighter vein.

 C is for Crooning:

LIKE any other art, crooning is also an art. In fact, in every family, there is one member at least who is an amateur crooner.  Our mothers and grandmothers were fantastic crooners. With soft mellowed notes of a lullaby, they would take us to the dream world of sleep.

Walking down the memory lane, I can still visualize my mother crooning her favorite and soothing religious hymns early in the morning. This practice with her was spontaneous. Her busyness was always relaxed and pure. It added a charm and dignity to her daily chores. That also manifested pure calmness inside. I don't know how, but the gentle notes of hers, made us young children feel secure and confident. A joyful aura pervaded the atmosphere. It would uplift our spirits.

I remember my father crooning while bathing in the morning. All his life he bathed in running cold water.  Humming neutralized the effect of cold water. He knew the sacred hymns by heart and repeating them during his bath was the perfect start to every morning.

There is no dearth of bathroom singers in this world. The privacy and freedom of the bathroom fogs inhibitions. The eased spirit breaks into some sort of singing. The bathers come out refreshed of mind and body, ready to take on the world.

Croon while performing household tasks. It takes the drudgery out, while giving into pleasant feeling. A person who croons is a happy person. He/she infects the other family members with feelings of well being.

I’ve seen some youngsters singing gaily while cycling. Like being on cloud nine. I envy their ‘don’t care attitude.’

There is another type of crooning (disappearing now) prevailing in our society. This is elegiac in form. Women relatives and acquaintances assemble in the deceased's house.  They would wail in unison, while chanting the qualities of the departed soul.

I know how difficult it is to croon when sad or feeling down in the dumps. But one can at least try.

Friends,welcome here as always!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017


 Blooms are one of nature's inexplicable wonders!

Flowers amaze
Dazzle our gaze.
The heavenly tints
From God's mints!

B is for Blooms.

All shots taken from in and around our community at Kumarhatti, H.P.

Friends,welcome here as always!

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